Concrete Hose Ends and Fittings


UES is a premier source for hose weld grooved ends for plaster and drywall applications. With hose weld grooved ends from UES, you get not only confidence in safety and meeting OSHA requirements, but value as well. You’ll be pleased to discover our hose weld grooved ends are often a third of the price you’d find elsewhere.For product specifications, please click here.

While most professionals realize the importance of a quality concrete hose on the job, some often overlook the importance of using concrete hose fittings. Safety is the first thing that comes to mind with concrete hose ends from United Equipment Sales. We’re one of the few companies in the country that custom-machines both grooved and heavy-duty hose ends for concrete and shotcrete to fit both metric and imperial applications. With concrete hose ends from UES, you can rest assured your crew has the most protection as they work with concrete placement hose.

Hose Weld Grooved Ends

Heavy Duty Ends

Professionals working on the big jobs know that worker safety is all about high quality fittings, especially the ends. UES features an extensive inventory of heavy duty ends for imperial and metric applications. For an added level of safety with high-volume applications, we recommend our heavy duty ends for high-pressure loads. All our heavy duty ends are manufactured with safety in mind, giving you added confidence you’re meeting OSHA requirements and protecting your valuable human resources.