Hose Accessories

Form Hooks​​

With form hooks from UES, your concrete hose is secured without the need for an operator to manually hold it in place. That gives you an added layer of safety at the jobsite and the peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to meet OSHA requirements and protect your team.

Robotic Arm Nozzles

Our affordable line of shotcrete robotic arm nozzles, hoses and accessories sets the standard for high-volume shotcrete in tunneling, underground and other concrete pumping applications throughout the world. This innovative boom allows shotcrete to be sprayed safely immediately after blasting. With the shotcrete robotic arm, wet mix concrete is now accomplished with simplicity and ease. The shotcrete robotic arm eliminates many of the most common problems associated with hand-held nozzling. Built to meet bottom lines and deadlines, the Shotcrete Robotic Arm is the most efficient and effective method to apply shotcrete. The arm puts more shotcrete where it belongs. And that means you complete projects sooner with improved compaction and better "in-place" shotcrete.



Shotcrete Nozzles  

Our shotcrete nozzles are ideal for wet-mix shotcrete applications. Gunite Supply shotcrete nozzles are available in victaulic and heavy-duty (aka raised or CA end). Shotcrete nozzles are available in a range of sizes. Select interchangeable tips for your shotcrete nozzle.

Grout Plaster Nozzles

UES offers an array of top quality heavy duty nozzles, hoses, pumps, mixers, parts-clamps, gaskets and most heavy equipment. For over 42 years, UES has delivered superior value on new and used equipment, machines, parts accessories and repairs.

United Equipment Sales offers an array of concrete hose accessories representing the highest levels of quality and workmanship in the industry today. At UES, everything we offer is built with safety in mind, from our concrete hose to the concrete pump accessories featured here. Our accessory lineup features an array of high-quality steel clamps sized from 1.5 to 5 inches, which include gaskets for added value. We offer concrete ad mixtures from industry leaders including Kleen Krete, Slick Willie, Stop Stik, Pro-Prime and Prime-a-Pac. UES also offers an array of concrete pumping cleaning equipment, including wet clean out, hard and soft sponge balls and concrete cleaners.  For more information about our wide array of accessories, please click on any of the respective links.



UES helps small builders like you dramatically reduce costs by providing you with wholesale pricing on heavy duty steel placing line reducers for concrete pipe and hose. When you buy placing line reducers from UES, you can cut out the middleman and purchase directly from a certified dealer.


Elbows from UES are constructed with a special alloy that lasts, delivering several times the wear of a conventional elbow. The half-inch outer wall thickness makes the high quality elbow last much longer under normal use. Each unit comes with machined ends.